... and take better notes!


Few skills in life are as important as the ability to take great notes.

People who take notes remember more, are more successful, more organized, and more amazing at their job.

If you need to get more out of your notes, you may need to put more in.

Our speedy writing method can help. It's called Jot.

Jot is as easy as a child's game, and very, very fast.

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Faster writing helps you put more great information into your notes, and more information is always better than less.

Here are some samples ...



A page of class notes using Jot writing.

Reasons To Jot ...

Have More Fun

Like the child's game Pig Latin, Jot uses a small set of rules to encode every word you write.

It's so much fun even boring stuff will tempt you to take notes.

Try Jot and make a game of it!

Take Better Notes

Note-taking is a skill that requires you to keep up.

A faster writing speed helps.

The more details you put into your notes, the more you'll remember.

Get Better Grades

A great way to improve grades is to take better notes.

Tricky stuff found on tests is almost always discussed in class.

And, great notes make the tricky stuff stand out. Just highlight and study.

Land A Promotion

Nothing is more impressive than capturing every detail of each important request.

Getting things done right depends on it. Your boss will notice.

If not, a writing speed of 80+ WPM looks great on any resume.

Keep A Private Journal

Jot is perfect for journaling, brainstorming, and designing.

Capturing ideas quickly helps them flow more freely. Why not record them at the speed of thought, with Jot?

Jot helps keep them private.

A Click Of The Pen

Jot has no batteries, startup procedures, or technical limitations.

Take perfectly worded notes with drawings, special symbols, equasions, charts, and maps.

Then highlight, markup, circle, and underline to your heart's content.

Let's Get Started

Four 30-minute lessons use color-coded animations to illustrate everything.

Once you've covered the material, you'll need some practice. Our practice playground is top notch.

Review, Reading, Writing, and Listening exercises provide lots of experience. Correct responses are revealed as you go.

Speed Drills help you build speed and track your progress. It's always fun trying to beat your previous best!

Grab a pen and some paper, and let's get started!

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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